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2015 is here! Do you want to set yourself apart from other eBay sellers? Want to look like one of the BIG brands? How would you like to feel CONFIDENT that you can do-it-yourself but know that support is there if you get stuck? Now YOU can create YOUR branded eBay Store and have YOUR STORE... DOING MORE!

Premium Diy eBay Template

From the desk of Ron LaBeau and Ali Young:
It's enough to make you want to scream.

You work hard in your eBay business. In fact, probably harder than any business you have ever owned or worked for. You understand the dedication that is required in order to reap the benefits and freedoms of owning your own business. Full days and nights turn into full weeks, months and even years.

So why then does your eBay store have the same look as everyone else? Why does it have little to none of YOUR branding? Because quite frankly UNTIL NOW, making changes to your eBay store was just something you either thought only the BIG stores could afford or you may not have even realized customizing your eBay Store and Listing was possible. Well, we feel your pain. And so did our customers. Our Premium DIY eBay Template system is so a-to-z, start-to-finish complete, that we guarantee your success. And our "You Can Do It" guarantee is even better than a money back guarantee. We guarantee your success with our support. After all, at the end of the day the goal is to have a customized eBay Store and Listing, right? If you get stuck our team of experts is there to get you going again.

If you like what you've read so far, you're gonna LOVE what's in store for you below.

Our system can help you:
  • Break the chains of almost every eBay seller out there.
  • Set your eBay Store and Listing on a new plateau.
  • Feel confident that while this is your project, support is there to help you if you get stuck.

The good news is that we really have thought of everything.
With our system you will be able to have:


Customizable Top Navigation


Fully Dynamic Store Categories.


Related Products Slider


Customized Newsletter Section


Customize Your Tabs


Add Your Social Media


'On Hover' Zoom Effect


The eBay Promo Section

Beyond the ambition. Beyond the motivation. To the custom eBay store and listing that will make this the year you take your business... TO THE TOP!
We have...

  • Created a system with everything you need for you to go from a generic eBay store to a FULLY customized eBay Store and Listing!
  • Spent months developing a system so complete that the only thing we didn't include was the kitchen sink.
  • Created an entire series of easy-to-follow, step-by-step video tutorials to help you every step of the way.
  • Included a video series to guide you through the steps PLUS, if you get stuck, our support team will be there to help you.
  • Removed all doubt that you could do this. All you have to do is take action and follow the steps carefully laid out for you in the videos.
  • FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY priced it below what anyone would have guessed it would cost for a complete system that will teach you how to fully customize your eBay Store and Listing.

Auction Pro Templates has created this system, and you are literally just one click away from discovering the power of our Premium DIY eBay Template for yourself.

It's our all new

Premium Diy eBay Template

For the first time ever, our system is being made available for anyone that is serious enough about their eBay business to drive it to the next level.

And for a limited time only … it's available at a price just about anyone can afford!

Yes, we know … it seems like a HUGE undertaking. And honestly, it will take some time to complete. But can you imagine the rewards of having YOUR STORE... DOING MORE!? Remember, you have approx. 2-5 seconds to turn a visitor in your eBay store into a customer. What is the look of YOUR store going to say to your visitors?

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And now, the secrets of customizing YOUR eBay Store and Listing are available to YOU!

Through your efforts you have earned the right to have a custom eBay Store and Listing to compliment the efforts you put into your business.

If you're eBay business is new, purchasing the Premium DIY eBay Template will put you miles ahead of the curve.

Desiring a custom eBay Store and Listing is a great start. Once you implement our Premium DIY eBay Template, your desire will soon be a reality!

The Premium DIY eBay Template System by Auction Pro Templates Shows you how to go from drab to FANTASTIC!
my fashion eBay Temaplte

You won't find this anywhere else! We have been creating custom eBay Stores for clients around the world for years. We realized that not everyone could afford to have a professional team build a custom eBay Store for them. So, we scrambled and worked late nights and many weekends for months to create the Premium DIY eBay Template system... with YOU in mind. It's the real deal!

Now you don't have to settle for default eBay Store when you can have a custom look.

custom ebay store compare

It really is a tragedy! Many hard working eBay business owners feel like they do not have an option. So they continue working hard at growing their business. But is that enough? Remember, you only have SECONDS to convert a visitor into a buyer. How visually pleasing is your eBay Store?

Imagine what it would be like to be able to show off your custom eBay Store in a way that has your visitors not only staying longer, but feel good about coming back for more as repeat customers. An AMAZING feeling, no doubt. When you follow the powerful steps in this amazing system, you will discover exactly how to make this happen for you!

It really is the system that will help change
the look of eBay Stores around the globe.
Yet no two will ever be the same.
Excited?! We thought you would be! So here is what you receive with this unique and amazing system:

eBay Store Template

  • Add Logo or Banner
  • Customized Search
  • Top Navigation Bar
  • Left Column Categories - This is dynamic and pulls in your eBay categories from your eBay store
  • Left Column Page Links - This is dynamic and pulls in the links from the custom pages
  • Newsletter
  • Banner for homepage - dimensions 721px width max
  • Best Sellers slider so that you can promote similar products on your homepage
  • eBay promotion boxes sliders "New Arrivals" and "Ending Soon"
  • Related Products for the left promotion box
  • Dynamic Footer
  • Social Media Buttons in footer
  • Video Tutorials

eBay Listing Template

  • Add Logo or Banner
  • Customized Search
  • Top Navigation Bar
  • Left Column Categories - Editable from 1 file
  • Left Column Page Links - Editable from 1 file
  • Newsletter
  • Product Image Slider with Zoom Effect
  • Tell a Friend, Add to Favorites, View Feedback and Contact Seller icons
  • Description Box
  • Tabs functionality for shipping,payment,privacy information
  • Related Products - Editable from 1 file
  • Dynamic Footer
  • Social Media Buttons in footer
  • Listing software
  • Video Tutorials

From the first video through to the last, the Premium DIY eBay Template System will assure you that:

Lynnet Mckenzie

Wow! Finding the DIY product from Ron and Ali put my eBay store to a whole new look and a whole new level.

It was easy to follow, easy to implement and makes all the difference in the world for my customers perception of me and my business.
When I got stuck they were totally there to back up their awesome product as well!
A great experience all around!

-Danni Ackerman
Coach Author Speaker
The Danni

It's about taking YOUR eBay business and truly making it YOURS!

There's a reason companies spend so much money on branding. It's about recognition. Recognition is EARNED, not DESERVED. You have earned recognition, wouldn't you agree? If so, then set yourself apart from the rest of the generic eBay store pack. Be the professional you've worked so hard to be.

Never before has an opportunity this good been available! We are so happy to FINALLY be able to offer you the Premium DIY eBay Template. It's been a long, hard road to development, but we couldn't be prouder of this offering at such an awesome INTRODUCTORY price.

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Woman Imagining
For just a moment imagine:
  • How beneficial it will be to have a custom eBay Store and Listing!
  • How comfortable your visitors, soon to be customers, will feel in the warmth of your new eBay Store.
  • How cool it will be when you start seeing sales increase as a result of the new transformation.
  • How amazing you will feel when at the end of a hard days work you sit down, look at your new eBay Store and smile because you know the effort was worth it.
The Premium DIY eBay Template System was carefully designed with you in mind!

Using Premium DIY eBay Template was easier than expected

"Ron & Ali were there every step of the process whenever we had a question. A few emails and even a personal Skype Call from them made a huge difference. I was able to complete the whole process within a few days and our eBay Store was up and running with a great new look and feel! I would recommend the Premium DIY eBay Template for any eBayer that wants a great looking store that will set them apart from the competition! "

-Jim Wehrly
wehrlyscollectiblesllc eBay Store

Incentive. Design. Results.
This system simply works!

With years of experience creating custom eBay Store and Listings for clients globally we knew we had to help others, too.

This project truly is a labor of love. If you have listened to our podcast show, "So You Wanna Sell On eBay", you understand that Ron & Ali love helping others. That's why we are offering it at such a low introductory price. We really want this in the hands of anyone that believes recognition is earned, not deserved.

Add to Cart Why Wait

With all of these features at your fingertips, along with On-Demand videos for your convenience whenever you want to watch them, the Premium DIY eBay Template system at Auction Pro Templates is really in a class by itself.

So... why are we so SURE you can do this?

Simply put, we've gone WAY BEYOND what was necessary to make sure that YOU could follow our guidance in the step-by-step video tutorials. AND we're backing that up with our iron clad "You Can Do It Guarantee". If you get stuck, we'll help you out. Our team of experts are here to assist you. With over 15 videos covering each topic, we're confident you'll do well on your own. But hey, a little reassurance doesn't hurt. No need to watch hours of one very long video fast-forwarding and rewinding just to try and find the "Editing Listing Categories" topic. Each topic is its own video, and we break each topic down for you.

We found a way to create the Premium DIY eBay Template system to help people like you that have the drive and passion to always move their business forward.

We were amazed to hear the overwhelming response from eBay sellers that would really like to be able to customize their own eBay Store and Listing. This is right up their alley. And we're certain it's for you, too.
Here are some of the options in the Premium DIY eBay Template System Store:
Premium DIY eBay Store Template
And that's just the eBay Store. Using the same features, check out what you can do with the Listing:
...And that is just ONE example.
Pretty amazing stuff, right?
Here are some more examples
Baby Legs
eBay Flower Template
Janes Flowers
We Love Sunglasses eBay Template
We Love Sunglasses
The only thing you will need besides this amazing system and your eBay Store is web hosting. If you don't have an eBay Store, simply subscribe to any eBay Store plan and you are on your way.
Premium Diy eBay Template
Do yourself a favor. Heck, do your business a favor. Hit the "Buy Now" button below and get excited about adding SPICE to your eBay business.
Now we want to be clear. While the system has been created, you still have to use it.
Use the videos. They will be your new BFF... lol. You will need to work through them. You will need to take action, even when it feels a bit scary. In fact:

If you are willing to put forth the effort, follow the instructions laid out in the on-demand videos, apply yourself, reach out to us for support along the way and make the decision to create YOUR custom eBay Store and Listing (even when you are afraid) ... this may be EXACTLY what you have been looking for.

Ask yourself: Are you happy with the look and feel of your eBay Store now? If you don't make any changes to it, do you think you will regret it?

This is your opportunity to spend some time and do the needful. Get your eBay Store in order. We're confident the only thing you have to lose is the time it took you to make the decision. You will not regret it.

The Premium DIY eBay Template System is already an amazing value. But we have two added suprises in store!

60 Kick Ass Call To Action Phrases That Convert

And... finally... Ali & Ron's
"10 Reasons You Should Sell On eBay"

10 Reasons You Should Sell On eBay
It's our belief the Premium DIY eBay Template System is one of the most valuable investments you will ever make in the success of your eBay business.
Package your gifts and experience

When you complete the steps and your eBay Store looks like you have wanted it to for possibly YEARS, you will appreciate the true value of your efforts and so will your now REPEAT customers. You will quickly realize the cost of this system, and probably faster than you believed possible.

Let me ask you this... How much would it be worth to you to save years of painful business trial and error, and get your NEW custom eBay Store up and running? How does LESS than a DOLLAR a day for one year sound? You ARE planning on being in business for a year, right?
Peace of Mind

Can you put a dollar value on peace of mind?

Look, we know what it's like when every penny counts.When every added expense brings a new tension. When clicking the Buy Now button seems like the biggest decision of your life.

Which is why we have priced the amazing Premium DIY eBay Template System so anyone can afford it.
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Cheaper than your lattes

We're sure that's less than you are probably paying for your phone bill. Less than you are paying for your daily lattes at Fivebucks..

And instead of instant gratification that is here and gone, you get a clean custom eBay Store that you will look at, month after month, year after year ... forever and be able to say, "I did that".

You can try to figure out how to create your own custom eBay store yourself. You can spend hundreds of dollars more... even thousands to have a professional create it for you. Heck, our teamwill create it for you if that's what you'd prefer.

But why not invest in the Premium DIY eBay Template system and do it yourself?

Why spend the time trying to learn how on your own when this system is already waiting for you? Why use more of your valuable and limited time when you can simply plug into a system created by a team of experts who KNOWS every step that you need to take, minus the potholes and headaches they dealt with in order to create this system for you?

P.S. And of course ... there's our incomparable Premium DIY eBay Template "You Can Do It" Guarantee! Because we love seeing you succeed and grow your business, here is our skin in the game: Simply watch the videos for the Premium DIY eBay Template system and create away! If you get stuck, we REALLY are there to help you. Our goal is your success. Because quite honestly, if you don't succeed how does that look on us?

P.S.S. We have done everything we know to do in order to help you see the value of the Premium DIY eBay Template System.

Thanks: Ron & Ali